Corporate Photo Booth Rentals

A Photo Booth Rental at your next corporate event is a must! Whether you are having a corporate dinner, fundraiser, trade show, office party, or conference, having a photo booth is a great way to draw attention, get people excited, open a door to those you’d like to get to know better! Not only will you have fun watching everyone laugh and smile, but your guests will be attracted to the fun and enjoyment that can be had in a photo booth! Forget the boring”here’s my card” pitch, get people involved with your business by offering a photo booth! Corporate photo booth rentals are a great way to promote your brand, logo, and marketing agendas. We are glad to assist you with graphic design in promoting your company! We can customize the interactive screen monitors, photo booth strips, the backdrop, as well as the booth itself! In addition, we can share the experience on social media outlets if you’d like; this is a great way to leave a positive impression on your guests!

Lets Booth It – Red Carpet Photo Booth Rentals is happy to work with any size organization that have an occasion to celebrate! A few hours with a photo booth will have folks laughing, relaxing, and acting silly… and most important of all – no work… just a all fun and games!